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Babysitters and their responsibilities

In this article, we will be discussing what a babysitter and the responsibilities of a babysitter Dubai.

What is a babysitter?

A babysitter is a person who takes of a child when the child’s parents are not around. They are usually for a particular time duration and the babysitters take charges to take of the child or children.

What are the responsibilities of a babysitter?

The responsibilities of a babysitter are as follows.

Safety of the child

A child’s safety is very important and children are not good at taking care of themselves. This is the main reason why babysitters are hired if the parents of the child are working people. Therefore, the most essential responsibility of a child is to ensure the safety of a child. A child shouldn’t hurt himself or injure himself. So, a babysitter should be there at all times when she is hired so the child doesn’t get hurt.

Also, make sure that there is no such thing in the house that could be harmful for the child.

Changing clothes

Children are very careless and they are often not very particular when playing games or eating food. They drop food on the clothes they are wearing or make their clothes dirty while playing in an outdoor area. One of the responsibility of a babysitter is to change the clothes of the child, make him bath, etc.

Meals for the child

Children get hungry very often. They need to eat something after every while. A babysitter should make sure that she prepare meals for the child and feed him from time to time so he doesn’t get angry or annoyed when he is hungry. A babysitter should know what a child likes and what he doesn’t. This will be helpful in preparing the meals for him.

You could go for pizza, burgers, cookies, cupcakes, popcorns, etc. These are few things a child loves. Make sure to make these things for him.


A babysitter is not just hired to take care of the child. Rather, she should teach the child the basic manners, discipline, etc. For instance, if a child is not behaving properly, don’t scold the child as he might get scared. But, be gentle with the child and ask him to behave in a nice manner. Also, a babysitter is not supposed to beat the child as this is against the rules.

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