Major Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Various Industri

Major Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Various Industries

The manufacturing industry today is undergoing many changes and rapid prototyping is one such change. There are several things involved in the prototyping process; however, additive manufacturing is one thing that almost every industry is trying to uptake.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing Dubai is the process in which a machine prints a 3D model from the computer-based blueprint. This process allows the industries to create prototypes and customized products as a result. The machine creates the model by spraying the material one layer after the other to eventually give a final result. This process has gained popularity because of its ability to reduce the costing and expense in all forms. It not only minimizes the material consumption but also reduces the time taken.

Major applications of additive manufacturing in various industries are mentioned below:


Additive manufacturing has turned the transportation industry into a major revolution. From aerospace to other forms of transportation like maritime and road vehicles, everything has become better. Several parts of vehicles are created by additive manufacturing, minimizing the costs and reducing the usage of raw materials considerably.


Bioprinting and prosthetics are two of the most effective fields in the medicine which have been using additive manufacturing. The 3D printing helps the industry to manufacture organs. Also, the prosthetics industry is getting more customized by creating customizable prosthetic parts for the patients who need them right after a certain surgery. Recently, additive manufacturing is also doing wonders in creating disinfection tunnels.


The art industry is becoming more modern with their ideas as well as their way of working. Art and design are using additive manufacturing processes bringing new ideas to the table making personalized and breakthrough arts. This process proves to be perfect for all the new age artists as they can create new designs spending less money and time which is the sole reason why the fashion industry, the jewelry industry, and even the chefs are utilizing the techniques to give a new twist to their work.


Additive manufacturing techniques help create models that are significant in the field of architecture. It aids in creating exact and precise building designs which can be easily presented to the clients with a look and a feel of the buildings like they are real. The 3D printing not only creates models but also creates real-world buildings and bridges.

Additive manufacturing has spread its branches in many other fields and industries including robotics where it is utilized for rapid prototyping of the robotic machines; dentistry where it helps create crowns and bridges with specific customization; space exploration and car making, etc.