The UV Protection Of Car Parking Shades

The UV Protection Of Car Parking Shades

Car parking shades are very important accessories for all types of cars. Whether you own a car or are planning to buy one, a car parking cover will keep your car protected from dust and other contaminants that damage your car’s paint job. Keeping dust away from the car’s surfaces will help them last longer. Car parking shades in UAE will also protect your car from any type of harmful effects caused by water splashes and spills. All these factors can greatly affect the condition of your car’s paint job, making it susceptible to premature cracking and fading.

UV rays can harm the paint job of any car. PVC (poly Vinyl Chloride) is an excellent fabric which provides your car with excellent protection from UV rays. PVC is also a very strong, durable and long lasting material. This is why car parking shades fabric is used for exterior car covers and they are made of this sturdy material.

The uv-protection feature of the fabric will help you get rid of sunrays when parked near the sea or on hot sunny days. They will also prevent strong UV rays from hurting the interior fabric of the car. Car parking shades in Abu Dhabi come with a sun shield which comes with two aluminum poles. It allows you to use the shade as a full enclosure to shield your car from all sides.

The aluminum poles are adjustable and can be placed at different heights. You can adjust them in relation to the height of the top of the car park shade. There is no need for you to install extra windows for ventilation in your car park shade. When you are using acrylic material for your car parking shades, you do not need additional windows or doors for ventilation.

The UV protective feature of the acrylic material will protect the UV rays of the sun. Car parking shades will have a lifetime guarantee. The design of the shade is made out of an ultra light raw acrylic material. The material is combined with pvc fabric which has a light weight, waterproof and comfortable feel. You can order this car park shades online. It will be delivered at your doorstep within few days.

There are many websites which offer a wide variety of car parking shades. You can choose any type of design, color and size for your desired shade. Many of them also provide free shipping and give you an opportunity to try the fabric.