How to choose a reliable music recording studio

When it comes to recording a song or music instruments, the quality of recording equipment is crucial. But how to choose the right recording studio for music is quite a challenging task. You have to consider many things while choosing studios such as the experience of a recording engineer, quality of equipment, environment, price, and many other factors. Here, in this article, I am going to share some useful tips that help you find a good music studio in Dubai.

Recording engineer:

Before choosing a music studio, make sure to know about the studio staff. If you are not familiar with recording engineer, get to know about him from the owner, people who have worked with him in the past, experience, and credentials. Talk to him personally about music and figure out whether he can fulfill your requirements or not. If you are feeling comfortable with him, you can go ahead.


It is essential to look for available facilities in a studio. Here are some questions; you should ask yourself before choosing a studio:

  • Do they have a big recording room that can meet your needs?
  • Do you need numerous separate rooms?
  • Where is a studio located?
  • Are there restaurants, entertainment places, and hotels are nearby?
  • Do they have space to get relaxation?
  • Do the sound of the recording room suits you?
  • Do you feel comfortable working there?

If you are satisfied with the answer to the above questions, you can make the final decision.

Quality of equipment:

If you want to get perfect music results, consider the quality equipment. Visit in-person recording studios and try to determine whether available equipment can meet your needs or not? Do they have the availability of vintage gear? Do they have numerous monitoring systems for playback? How is the quality and performance of the mic?


Price is another important factor that should consider before choosing a studio. Remember, never compromise on quality for cheap rates. If you are getting perfect results at cheap rates, then it is best for you. But always keep 10 to 15% extra in your pocket when you choose a music studio for your project.

Get referrals:

One of the easiest ways to find a reliable studio is references from trusted people.  Ask producers, artists, engineers, or even bands to recommend you good music studio.

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