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Types of Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems suppliers in Dubai help to save on expenses and make life easier at home or on the go. With most homeowners are becoming more aware of energy conservation, they’re looking for cost-effective ways to keep their homes secure. Door entry systems offer a practical and secure solution for both protecting your home and limiting access by unauthorized individuals. While a mechanical key-lock technique does offer convenience, they’re often the most expensive option available.

Electronic doors:

Electronic doors are an option when it comes to door access control systems. Electronic doors can be programmed with codes that will automatically unlock upon opening or closing. The codes can also be programmed to lock doors in certain areas of your home or office. They’re convenient because they require no keys or repeatedly unlocking doors to gain entrance. In addition, they offer better security because they eliminate the use of keys and provide better resistance against intruders and unlawful activity.

Manual key-lock:

Manual key-lock entry systems that use manual entry locks or other manual mechanisms are also available. However, these methods are often not as convenient as electronic versions, especially for multiple persons or many doors. Manual door access control systems using automatic entry locks, electronic door readers, and remote-entry sensors are all readily available. With these products, you can now have complete control over who has access to your home or office and can protect yourself and your family from potential harm without spending hours trying to unlock every single door in your house.

Optional Fobs & keywords:

Many advanced door access control systems also include optional fobs or keywords. Keywords allow a user to punch in a specific combination when they open doors. A special code is used by the door locks to electronically unlock the door. The combination usually consists of seven alphanumeric characters, which are made up of lowercase and uppercase letters. The advantage of this type of door lock is that it can be mechanically operated or can be provided with electronic means for the combination.

Fobs are also available for use with advanced door access control systems. Fobs are used in areas where you need more than just one physical key. In such cases, you may need two or more keys to unlock special areas in your building. Using a single key for all the different purposes mentioned above would prove to be very impractical. Click here to buy body temperature machine.