Safety rules for kitchen
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Safety rules for kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of home and having wide kitchen design and working in such kitchen is very therapeutic. After a stressful day at work, great food relaxes anyone and making such food is more relaxing and gives a sense of achievement. But cleaning a kitchen afterwards is very much fatigued work. But after eating such a wholesome meal, anyone is recharged enough to clean up the kitchen.

If you to do minimum work then you can add kitchen technology and make most of your remaining time but for such reasons, you will have to get German kitchens installed. But kitchens are also the place where unspeakable things take place. Kitchen can be the most dangerous place as well and that is why there are certain safety steps that you have to steps you have to take. Just for the sake of your safety and for the people around you. Read below about the basic safety rules for kitchen.

  1. Make sure that all cord, wires and plugs are not scattered. And wires, cords and plugs that are attached with coffee machines, grinders, blenders, microwaves, sandwich makers, and toasters should be pulled out when they are not in use and make sure that they are put in the wire compartment. If the appliance does not come with a wire compartment, make sure that the appliances are in their right place.
  2. There are some moms who will keep the oldest and broken appliance just because they got it on their first salary. But little do they know that broken appliances can be dangerous and they should be thrown in the recycling bins.
  3. Get some drawers that come with child lock and place all the knifes and the sharps in that drawer.
  4. When turn off the burner after cooking, make sure that you cover them with the lid so that no one gets hurt.
  5. When you are cooking, make sure that you are not wearing woolen clothes and your sleeves should always be up.
  6. Coming back to the stove, make sure to keep the cleaning clothes and kitchen gloves away from the stove.
  7. Kids can get very excited about matches and lighters, make sure to put them in a higher place.
  8. A candle light dinner sounds nice but make sure to blow out the candles while you are done eating.